Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Testimony to the TRUTH of Momma Starr's conjure cards

The Old Style Conjure hoodoo playing card deck is nothing like any other decks out there. I continue to be amazed by the revelations I’ve had in my consultations and work with Starr’s deck. Everything that has been predicted in those cards has come to pass in my life. Not only has Starr’s special deck had an impact in my personal work and life but also in the consultations I provide to others. For example I recently did a consultation for a client who I’ve read off and on for a few years. This time I decided to lay out their cards with the Old Style Conjure deck just to see what would happen.

As soon as I laid out those cards the SPIRIT came on me fast and took over the consultation! I was in my right mind but with the cards laid out in a spread I felt like I was looking into my client’s spirit with a mirror. It was like his life, hopes, dreams, and failures were standing right before me in those cards just like the Book of Life. I could read anything and everything going on in his world including the things he tried to HIDE from me! The last part is really important. So I told him what was going on and why he was in a hot mess because of his irresponsibility and inability to see things through. He immediately hung up the phone in my face and wouldn’t return my calls when I called back so we could finish the consultation. I was shocked because I’ve never had a client do that to me before until that moment.

Another long-time client needed a consultation done because he was in a tight bind. Now this client of mine is a chatterbox. He loves to run off with the mouth and say what he thinks but he never listens to anyone beside himself. As he was explaining his situation to me I prayed to God for clarity and laid out the Old Style Conjure playing cards before him then explained what was going on and why things were headed the way they were. He got really quiet and didn’t say a word. That’s unusual for him because he never shuts up. As I got deeper into the consultation he got nervous because I was telling him too much information that he didn’t know how to handle. He was avoiding some personal issues that put him in trouble’s way but the Old Style Conjure cards brought all those issues out in the open and I guess he wasn’t prepared to discuss them. Unlike the other client I previously mentioned I was able to finish the consultation this time even if he didn’t want me to tell the truth that in the end revealed where the fault lies…with him!

I’m telling you these experiences not to make Starr look good but because they are God’s honest truth and testify to the power and Spirit of revelation that is evident in Momma Starr’s conjure card deck. Her conjure cards really do read TRUTH that speaks in VOLUMES for whomever you are reading whether yourself, your loved ones, your coworkers, or even your enemies. I am so grateful to God for giving Momma Starr her special gifts and I am forever thankful to Starr for her decision to share some of her gifts and “secrets” in the Old Style Conjure playing card deck.

My consultations are clearer, more precise, and hit home in ways that still shock me and some of my clients. I recommend these cards to EVERYONE whether you’re a spiritual advisor, beginner, or just want to know how to read the playing cards as traditional conjure workers have always done for generations. Momma Starr is continuing that same tradition through the Old Style Conjure playing card deck. Her conjure playing cards are unique and help you DISCERN through the layers people put around themselves and situations so you can SEE the TRUTH for what it really is….like a diamond in the rough and not what some claim it to be.

I strongly encourage anyone and everyone who wants to learn how “real” conjure doctors and two-heads read folks to purchase Momma Starr’s Old Style Conjure card deck. Your Spirits and your clients will thank you for it! Dr Love Bug


  1. I just ordered a set and I can't wait to start using them!!!!

  2. Don't you have a booklet of instructions on how to use them or to properly lay them out in certain positions with the pictures facing horizontal, diagonal, vertical etc...). And most importantly do you have the information in the booklet on regarding the meanings of each individual card's significance to the client that's being read on???
    Thank you.