Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Real Hoodoo/Conjure Oils

Real Hoodoo/ Conjure Oils

What internet Hoodoo’s DON’T know!

Castor Oil

I hate this stuff and I never use it; but it had to be added here because it is a conjure oil. Beware this stuff is thick and nasty. My Grandma and mama loved this stuff. Every year we had to take a good dose of this. If we were sick we had to take a dose and depending on what was wrong with us mama might mix it with some stuff and rub it on our chest and our feet. Castor oil is really good for hot oil treatments for your hair. This stuff last for years before it goes bad. Castor oil comes from the castor bean, beans grow on the ground so this oil is good for flightiness as my Grandma would say, and it settles you down in plain English. Rub it on the bottom of your feet. It also helps with dry skin and athlete’s feet. It is also good for ring worms; I’m not sure why maybe it suffocates them. This will make a fine conjure oil; I just can’t stand the smell or the feel of it after growing up being treated with this stuff. This falls right in with talc powder as far as I’m concerned.

Sweet Oil

You may be wondering what in the world sweet oil is; well it is very refined olive oil. Sweet oil is good for many things. As a child my mama would doctor my ears with it because I loved to swim and stayed with an ear ache. Sweet oil coats the ear and dries up excess water you may get from swimming. A cap of your own urine poured in your ear will do the same thing. Sweet oil is also good for poultices because it has a healing quality. You can rub it on bruises and cuts as you would any other medicine because it will also help heal. I was taught as a young teen to rub it around my eyes to keep from having wrinkles when I got older. It is also used to feed your mojo bags and conjure packets. You can make a fine conjure oil with sweet oil.

Olive Oil

Of course everyone knows about Olive oil, but did you know that you can place garlic in Olive oil and use it to cure an ear ache? Not much I can tell you about using Olive oil that you wouldn’t already know.


  1. I'm sure my parents possibly got some of the same feelings with castor the sounds of it thank goodness I didn't have to go thru it! Thanks for this post, more that I've learned!

  2. Your welcome. For Cator oil was a nightmare. Momma Starr

  3. Castor oil has amazing properties and there is some real benefit including healing cancers and more. I believe that because these crafters were also healers they used oils that healed the person and the intended both.

  4. My mama loved this stuff. Momma Starr