Thursday, March 1, 2012

War Water

In the old days war water was thrown against an enemy’s door; if you try that today you might go to jail. As times change we must adapt to these changes. War water means exactly what it says; it is used in a campaign to start a war against another person. I have read that in days gone by the water was prepared in mason jars and the whole thing was busted up against the enemy’s door. In this day and time that would defiantly not be a very good idea; but you can use the same technique just in a different way. The ingredient’s in the water is what makes the water work. I understand the reasoning of busting the jar against the door. Glass cuts, not only that but there is a violence element to throwing the jar at the door. You can have the same effect without the busting of the jar. You can use the war water as a sprinkle, by laying a trick on the person with whom you have a conflict with.

I had this problem about four years ago with an in- law who was causing major problems for my daughter. The whole family was in an uproar because this messy little woman couldn’t stop stirring up trouble. She was very jealous of my daughter, and at every turn kept things stirred up. I tried to talk to her; I even did some light work on her. The work would last for a while then we were right back where we started. I had read about war water but there was no way I was going to throw a mason jar at her door; for one thing I couldn’t have done it and gotten away without getting caught. One night I was sitting outside during a real bad thunder storm. Lightening was flashing and the thunder was so bad it shook the ground. I thought well thunder shakes and lightening burns, so why not make war water out of the rain water from the storm. So I went in side got me a metal coffee can and caught me some water.

The next day I added some rusted nails my husband had in his shop, some broken glass, rose thorns(because they prick and make you bleed) and some rotten oak leaves( to give the water strength). I let the water sit until it became stagnant; then I put a little in a coke bottle and went for a visit. The minute I stepped out of my truck I started sprinkling the water; I empty the rest on the porch. While stating my intent; I went inside sat down; had a cup of coffee then left. Needless to say she is not in the family any more and doesn’t have any contact with my daughter at all. You can adapt anything to make it work without changing the meaning of the work. Don’t get yourself in trouble trying to follow an old way of doing things when you can just add a new twist to it and the work will have the same affect.

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  1. do the nails have to be rusted already? cause i dont have any :(

    * No they don't, the nails will rust in the water. I you want rusty nails you can soak them in vineger they will rust in no time. Momma Starr