Thursday, March 22, 2012

Blood of Jesus

Pleading the Blood of Jesus over your work is the most powerful work you can do. When you cover yourself and your spiritual work with the Blood of Jesus you are asking God to confer a protection over you that can never be undone.

This works on many levels and does something for your work. For one when you cover your work with the Blood of Jesus it keeps spirits from interfering in your work. A lot of folks online and Internet workers talk about all kinds of work but they never tell you that you have to cover your work FIRST and FOREMOST before doing any job!!! This is extremely important but it's not being taught.

Anytime you do a job you've got to put armor around the work so it can't be undone. I've never seen anyone talk about this online and I've been on the Internet for 7 years. Not even your famous Internet hoodoos or bootleggers teach this information even though you'll learn it from dealing with old conjure workers.

Covering my work was one of the first things I learned when I started hands on training. It's the most basic thing every worker new or experienced should know how to do. If you can cover your work esp with the Blood of Jesus then your work will pack a punch that'll hit its target.

Now I've got to put it out there bluntly that you cannot cover your work if it is UNJUSTIFIED!!! If someone throws work on another person that's unjustified then they will get hit with that work in due time. If the victim being wrongly thrown is a worker that knows what to do then whoever is throwing the work will get their ass bit hard.

I had to state that because some people think they can do anything and get away with it. Covering your work is another way to lock it down for total success. Traditional conjure workers have always done this. Why? Because it really works! That's why conjure workers are hard hitters and hard getters: they HIT hard to GET hard!

I'll tell a little more about the Blood of Jesus. It's very simple and powerful. I still remember the first time I did it. I was being hit hard in my life. Things were starting to go sour and the shit was about to hit the fan.

In other words my life was souring up like a vinegar jar. And yes the pun is intended. And one day I was praying to God. I said, "Lord help me." And I heard a clear voice say, "Why don't you plead the Blood of Jesus over yourself?"

The voice said it again this time more loudly and with clarity. I was scared because I never did this before even though I knew about it. So I said, "Lord I give myself over to your will" then I began my prayer.

As soon as I pleaded the Blood of Jesus instantly I felt POWER pour from the crown of my head down through my body! This power was hot and invigorating. It felt like FIRE and it made me sweat but I felt protected and empowered because from that moment I knew God would always be with me through thick and thin. I felt good.

That first experience of being covered with the Blood of Jesus and many afterward has impacted my life on so many levels. It has covered me through thick and thin. When you are covered by your Higher Power it teaches you some important lessons you should never forget.

I dont mean to sound so churchy guys but I needed to share this experience to help someone out there. I dont practice the religion of man but I live in the religion of SPIRIT. God Bless...Drlovebug


  1. Yep, very good advice. I would add for people out there to never invoke Jesus in any unjustified work. I've seen it online and not only is it morally wrong it is also disgusting, at least to me.

  2. Thanks. I agree with you DocConjure. I think that people who unjustly are calling on God to hurt or undermine folks are asking for trouble.