Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Black Hawk for Sale: I don't think so!!!

Hi Everyone,

I need to discuss an important issue here which is the commercialization of Father Black Hawk as the "Indian Spirit" guide that's happening in the online hoodoo community.

A few years ago nobody knew anything about Black Hawk except what was written in Jason Berry's book and the fact that Cat works with Black Hawk to connect with Native ancestors. Workers left and right were on the search for information about him and how to make Black Hawk serve them.

Now that information has been made available about the Spirit of Black Hawk, White Eagle, and their legacies there are online workers all over the place claiming to have been taught to work with Black Hawk and that they've been doing it for years. These workers make all kinds of claims about Black Hawk, they sell his products, and fabricate a bunch of mess about him just to make themselves look good and earn a fast buck. They do all these things yet they can't back up their knowledge of Black Hawk nor provide the PROOF to any of their claims.

The really sad part is that these same people are claiming to sell Black Hawk in a pot. I've seen some websites claiming you can buy Black Hawk for $500. There are even voodoo sites that claim you can have Black Hawk in a pot with dirt for $100.

This is downright disrespectful to Black Hawk and his memory. It saddens and yet angers me at the same time because you cannot sell ANY spirit in a pot especially Black Hawk. He'll knock your ass over and then give your life a living hell of misfortune. You must always respect Spirit and give honor where it is due.

Black Hawk spent his entire life fighting for his people. He defended his loved ones against the injustices of the American government and the corruption of the white man. He never sold out to greed in life and he never would in death.

The twisted irony of all this is that some of these Internet workers claiming to give you Black Hawk in a pot for X amount of dollars are people of color. Yes you heard me right. These same unscrupulous and two-timing hoodoos are either of African descent or claim to be descended from a bunch of native chiefs and royalty. What a load of nonsense. Black Hawk is not for sale and will never sell out. It's a shame that these workers are disrespecting their ancestors.

This brings up some valid concerns about Black Hawk and the voodoos trying to make money off of him. First let me ask y'all this. How can you fabricate Black Hawk products if you don't work with him? You can't make a hoodoo product for a spirit you don't have. Second you surely can't sell a spirit in a product....PERIOD! As I said before I'll say it again. You cannot sell Spirit especially Black Hawk. For those workers who think you can do this my reply to you is go ahead and try. Call him and tell him you are going to sell him in a pot for a few bucks and see what happens...Black Hawk is not the spirit to trifle with.

Now I'll bring some clarity to all this. Yes I work with Black Hawk and I make products in his name but I don't sell his spirit. I honor him in my work and in my products. There are others who do the same. When I do conjure work for Black Hawk I do the job and I give it to him. If I'm making something I ask him to fill it with his power. This is my way of honoring Father Black Hawk and giving him the full respect he deserves. I ask him to fill the work with his power so the work will bring success. This is different from selling his spirit or any product claimed to have his spirit in it.


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  1. Amen! Luckily I haven't found anyone online yet who is offering Black Hawk's spirit for sale. The closest I cam was for a "starter kit". There's nothing wrong with a starter kit, other than it's generic. I think it's best to just let Father Black Hawk guide people to the items he wants.