Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Facts About the Intranquil Spirit

I have written about the subject of the Intranquil Spirit a few times. Just little stuff about how dangerous this spirit is. I think that one of the most important thing folks need to understand is that this is not just ONE spirit. You may not get the same spirit every time you call on the Intranquil Spirit! Another thing that you need to realize is that this is a lost soul. A soul who doesn’t have peace a soul that is miserable. A soul that will SUCK THE LIFE OUT OF YOU literally; this is a very dark spirit and not one to be played with. This information should have never been placed on the internet. This is very dangerous.

I know folks don’t want to hear what I am saying, but these types of spirits can really cause you or your loved one harm. This is the type of spirit that will turn on you. I have done hundreds of cleansings over the last {40} years and this type of spirit is the worst to remove; most of the time it is dangerous for the worker because there is always a price to pay when you are dealing with this type of spirit. I know folks want listen but this is one type of spirit that should be left alone.

If you choose to go ahead; work with this spirit but let me tell you what you have to look forward to if this spirit gets on you. You will have all kinds of crossed conditions pop up in your life. Nothing will work everything will go from sugar to shit real quick. Then there is the mental illness that may start, or just plain ole illness. You want have any energy and will want to sleep all the time, and there will be a lot of confusion. I have seen folks lose everything they own and their jobs too behind this type of spirit. They went from making mega bucks to having to live with other folks. Don’t be a fool; use your common sense where this type of spirit is concerned. Momma Starr


  1. Guess I'm the first to comment on this. Well more like a thank you really because this is so important to understand! Lately I have been having a few folks come into the store I work for asking about this type of spirit. It is getting frightening what these folk don't realise what they are messing with. I agree with you 100% on this Mamma!

  2. The best way for you to explain to them is to tell them these types of spirits are demons. That is what they are. Momma Starr