Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Spirit of Blackhawk

Two of my students contacted me and told me that there are a couple of places on the Internet CLAIMING to sell Blackhawk. One of them just sells the statue and the other sells the whole bucket. First and foremost you CAN’T sell a spirit. For you to even try shows how shady and unethical you are. I am very upset over this. Blackhawk is dear to my heart and I have worked with him for around eleven years now.

Yes I sell Blackhawk products on my website at; asking a spirit to fill something with their power and claiming a items holds a spirit that you try to sell are two different things. Blackhawk is not the type of spirit you can sell! I know the folks that are trying to do this don’t have a clue about working with him or they wouldn’t be doing this. Blackhawk is not just some weak spirit you can use and abuse. He is very powerful! These folks that are claiming to sell him are messing with a spirit they know nothing about and that is dangerous.

When Blackhawk first came to me I searched the Internet for information on him. There was none; I found one website where the owner claimed to work with him to help folks find their ancestors. Now everyone works with him and is trying to make money off of him! You don’t pick Blackhawk; he picks you! I think this is a disgrace before God and Man what folks are trying to do to Blackhawk. I am NO expert nor do I claim to be; but I have worked with him many years and I know his spirit. What some of you folks are trying to do is very wrong and very unjust not only to Blackhawk but to the folks you are scamming.

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