Thursday, March 22, 2012

Crossing Work

Hey folks,

I'll be honest here. I'm tired of all the nastiest works in hoodoo being thrown around on the Internet for grabs. People run to that work like ants on sugar but don't know what the hell they're doing.

Let's talk about the consequences of crossing work and hopefully put an end to it. First of all people think they can and should do any work they want especially if they find information online. This is not true!

Part of the blame goes to some of the Internet workers teaching this stuff. There are some works people including internet hoodoos shouldn't be doing at all. Yet time and time again these workers will say the information needs to be preserved for generations.

Now I'm not knocking any worker but I beg to differ on this issue! There is a reason old workers do not want everyone having this information. It's highly dangerous and brings more problems than resolutions.

If you do work in the graveyard, call up a spirit you don't know, or do any nasty work without knowing what you're doing then you are crossing your own self up! Why? Because you are drawing spirits into your life that you don't know how to get rid of.

It's easy to invite these spirits in but getting them out is a whole different matter. Internet workers will tell you all day how to call up demons, intranquil spirits, and whatever the hell to do if you want to jinx somebody's life but when it comes to cleansing they get tight lipped or they tell you to buy a cleansing product or do a bath.

In alot of cases you need more than a bath and some products to fight a spirit that you can't shake off your back where in the beginning you should have just left the work alone.

My best word of advice to you is that if you can't remove a spirit from you or the target you're working on then you definitely are not a match for crossing work. You might shoot yourself in the foot...or somewhere not so nice. Drlovebug


  1. Not only that but people have this weird expectation that they can call upon the Intranquil Spirit or even a demon and that they themself won't experience anything negative. Like if they call upon the Intranquil Spirit then the only person that will be effected is that person they are working on. Nope! The workers is going to feel the energy and the effects too. And that's often a sign that it is working. In fact, I had a person ask me that not too long ago. So if someone is stupid enough to call upon the Intranquil Spirit yet everything comes up roses for them then it's safe to say it didn't work because if that spirit was summoned that worker is going to feel the pain, the anxiety, the sadness, the obsession, whatever, due to the influence of that spirit. Good blog entry.

  2. Thanks. The other side effect of this kind of work that's not discussed is that if you call the Intranquil Spirit you are unleashing a spirit not only into the client's life but YOUR life as well.

    You are giving a spirit total control over your life and your client's that you may not be able to rid. That spirit might at first work on the client's love life but eventually their whole world will turn to shit and that mess will trickle on down into your world too. This is the kind of stuff that online workers are not talking about but they are pushing this work left and right.