Saturday, April 7, 2012


If you think you have been Hoodood then you can dress the crown of your head, hands and the bottom of your feet with Blessed Olive oil. Then you pray the Lord’s Prayer. Then pray James 4 V 1-5 and James 5 V 1-6. Do this when the hands are going downward on the clock. This will return the conjure back on the person who placed it on you.


Some of the ole folks say that if you feel like you are Hoodooed you can read the scriptures while going over water and the water will soak up the condition. Here are some of the scriptures that can be prayed. Psalm 15, Isaiah 43, and John 5.  


  1. This one and the healing dollie are really good ones.

    Wishing you and Dr. Lovebug a happy Easter. :)

    1. Thank you. They both work really well. I love working with dollies.Happy Easter! Momma Starr

  2. Hi!
    What do you mean by going over water, do you mean blessing water or to be over a body of water as in a boat?
    Please explain.
    Thank you.

    1. As in walking over a small body of water or driving over it. You do it in a boat I guess if you wanted too. Momma Starr