Saturday, April 7, 2012

Healing Doll©Starr

Things Needed:

Clay doll



Blessed Olive Oil

White cloth

2 white candles

Zodiac candle (in the color of the person being healed).

Personal Items

Herbs, Rue, Master of the woods, calamus(a pinch of each)

Construct your doll; remember to add your personal items and herbs. Once you have the doll finished, get your zodiac candle and write the person to be healed name on it; then dress it with blessed olive oil then roll it in the herbs. Next get your pen and paper and write the persons name on it and what the problem is. Dress the paper with the blessed oil and add a bit of herbs on the paper and fold the paper in half. Now take the 2 white candles and write the word healing on them; then dress them with the blessed oil. While you are doing all this make sure you are praying. Once you have everything put together go back and pray over it and pray your petition. Once this is done place your things on your altar (like this). One white candle on either side of the zodiac candle; place your name paper under the zodiac candle. Place your doll in front of the zodiac candle on the white cloth. Now put a little blessed oil on your palms and rub your palms together. Then hold your palms over the doll and pray for the person to be healed. Don’t rush this, take your time. Let the candles burn themselves out. Repeat the candles for three, or nine days. Then wrap the doll in the white cloth and put it in a safe place. Once the person is well bury the doll and name paper under a tree, so the earth can soak up the illness.

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