Monday, April 2, 2012

Candle and Salt Cleansing

Excerpt from Hoodoo Money Conjure Book(c) Starr

For this bath you need a small white candle; a tea light will do. You need saltpeter, Epsom salt, baking soda, and a couple of drops of Mrs. Smith's bluing. Take your candle and starting at the crown of your head wipe downward with it; while praying to your higher power to cleanse you. I do this three times. Light the candle. Pray over your bath. Now get in the bath and try to soak for at least ten minutes. Either air-dry or lightly pat dry.

This is a very good cutting bath. Momma Starr


  1. Hello Old Style Conjure

    I unfortunately live in South Africa, and we do not have any Mrs Smith Bluing here, what else can I use, and how much of each ingredient must I add to the water.

    Kindest Regards Leea

    1. Then use blue dye just enough to turn the water blue. Momma Starr