Monday, April 16, 2012

Reversible and Double Action Candles

Today I'm making reversible candles. These candles are easy to make. Double Action candles and Reversible candles basically work the same way. They are used to reverse a crossed condition or to change your bad luck to good. If someone has crossed you up, it will remove the cross condition and return it to the sender.

Reversible candles are one color inside and usually BLACK on the outside.  They are made by dipping a white, blue, red, green, or purple candle into BLACK wax until its coated well; here’s an example, if you are having money problems. You dip a green candle into black wax. While you are dipping the candle you need to pray that the crossed condition will be reversed. Also that if someone has jinxed you, the bad luck is returned to them.

Double Action Candles are also burned to send back crossed conditions to the one who sent it to you or to reverse your bad luck. These candles are black on one end and the color pertaining to the job on the other end.

Here’s an example, if you are having problems with your love life and if you feel someone has crossed, you need a red/black double action candle. Before you burn the candle you need to wipe yourself off with the candle, while praying that the crossed condition be reversed. Don’t feed this type of candle with any type of spiritual oil. Let what is being pulled off of you feed the candle.


  1. Following your advice. Is it necessary to light the candle upside down?

    1. Some folks say it should be lit upside down, but I don't do it that way. It depends on the worker and how they work. Momma Starr

  2. I love these candles. They really pack a punch in your work. Drlovebug