Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Prayer For Jobs

O God, our Heavenly Father, we beseech Thee to hear us who live by strength of arm, and skill of hand, and labour of mind. For those of us who till the earth, for we who tend machiney. For those of us who work in offices and warehouses, and for we who buy and sell. For we who labour in factories. For we who keep house, for we who train children. For all of us who are poor and broken and oppressed. For those of us who have too little leisure. For we who are underpaid. For all of us who cannot find work. For we who are hungry and destitute. We pray, O Father, that it may please Thee to comfort, sustain, support, and prosper us. May no adversity harm us, no difficulty oppose us, may all things turn out happily and prosperously for us. O god, from whom we have received life and all earthly blessing, vouchsafe to give unto us each what we need. Give unto us the strength to perform faithfully our appointed tasks, bless the work of are hands and minds. Give us grace to seek first Thy Kingdom, in the sure and certain faith that all else shall be given unto us; through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.    

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