Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Hoodoo Conjure Cleansing

Oh my goodness, I can't beleive I've found all this work I've written down over the years. This is stuff I learned as a young worker. I've been praying to answer to a question I had and I think I got my answer. I've found a gold mine of old stuff I've written. Enjoy Momma Starr


Below is my recipe for my cleansing bath and floor wash. I add one cap of ammonia to the wash, remember to be careful with the ammonia it can wash away the good as well as the bad.

Cleansing wash

1 quart of water

1 cap full of Ammonia (this is added to the floor wash only, it is used to cleanse)

1 tsp. salt peter (this is also used to cleanse and can be found at any drug store, this is added to the bath).

1 tsp Epsom salts (this opens the door to blessings).

A sm. piece of magnet (used to draw good things to you).

1 cap of whiskey and 1 tsp of rice (this is to attract good luck).

You can also put this in a spray bottle and spray it around your house for a quick cleansing. To use the wash take a shower clean your body then pour a cup of the wash over your head and let it run down your body. If you can’t let your body air dry then just pat yourself.

You can add bay leaves, rue, and salt into olive oil and use that for a quick cleansing. You say and our father and make crosses on your forehead, eyes, mouth, throat, and all other pulse points, the palms of your hands and the soles of your feet. I keep this oil at all times. Leave the herbs in the oil don’t strain the oil.

When there is arguing in the home a quick way to bring peace is to wash the supper dishes in a dish pan and throw the dish water out the door. Once the water is out of the house it will be peaceful.

If trouble seems to follow you no matter what you do, take an egg and a cup of water; put the egg in the cup of water and place it under the head of the bed. Leave it there for 9 days. On the tenth day take it and dump it at a cross roads, if need be repeat it again.


  1. Hi, I have a question about your Old Style Conjure Reading Kit. How many cards are in the deck? Do you ship to the UK? (I'm from Arkansas originally.)

  2. Hi Momma-Do you have to wait 24 hours between baths? Do you dispose of water in the East to draw something to you, and West to get rid of something?

    1. You take one bath a day, and a day is 24 hrs long so I'd say yes one bath per 24 hours. I've said forever that to draw you work in the East and to remove you work in the West because that is where the Sun sets, meaning goes down is removed for the day. Momma Starr

  3. I'm not always able to bathe before sunrise. Will that hurt the effectiveness of the bath?

    1. Mrs. L not all workers are not taught the same, I wasn't taught that you had to bathe at sunrise. I was taught to work by the hands of the clock. That is how I have always worked. Momma Starr

    2. Thanks Momma. As I keep learning, it's interesting to see how many ways there are to do things. There are as many ways as there are workers! :)

    3. Your welcome and you are also right, thats because most workers are taught by dfferent Elders. Each teachers student will follow their teachers. You will find that my students work like I do, another teachers students will work like they do. The work will be similar but differs per teacher. Momma Starr