Saturday, April 14, 2012

Conjure Collecting Dirt

Gathering dirt from different locations to use in your Conjure work is “Traditional Conjure”. Now a days all you hear folks talk about is “graveyard dirt” but many other types of dirt are used in Old Style Conjure. I work a lot with dirt in my work I love it, you can mix it with powders and it changes the power of the powder. Below are some examples so you can get an idea of where to gather the dirt and how to use it. Momma Starr

Dirt or dust from a

Bank= Money

Court House, Jail, Police Station = law stay away; draw the law; justice work, Court Case work.

Railroad Tracks, Bus Station, Airport= send away or bring them back

A church= Blessings

A Hospital= Healings

A Rich man’s house= Prosperity, Success

{4} Coners of the Crossroads= any type of work


  1. True story. About 6 months ago they were doing construction near my house and they tore up the pavement and were redoing the roads. The had the entire crossroads exposed with our trademark red clay dirt underneath. It sat like that for about 2 months. I passed by that place several times each week and at NO time did it ever dawn on me to get some of that dirt. This has happened to me on other occasions so for now on I try to regulary pray for God to open my eyes to the possibilities that surround me.

    I mean, not only could I have gotten the dirt but I could have buried some powerful work! LOL

    1. I keep something to dig with and I carry baggies at all times in my truck. That would have been some powerful dirt. Momma Starr

  2. Hi everyone!
    I was wondering if dirt from other places could be used as well for other purposes.

    Like library or school for wisdom
    Spa or salon for beauty
    Supermarket for groceries
    Restaurant for improving cooking

    I don't know but I was just wondering.

    1. Yes dirt from any where can be used. Momma Starr