Monday, April 2, 2012

Saint Lucy

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Saint Lucy vowed her life to Christ, but her mother had other plans for her. Lucy's mother arrange for her to marry a young pagan. Lucy tried to tell her mother that she didn't want to marry; that she had promised herself to Christ; when Christ had healed her mother of a serious illness. When her mother wouldn't listen to her Lucy sold all her worldly goods and gave the money to the poor. The young man wanted Lucy for a wife, he did not agree with her decision. So when the young man found out what Lucy had done he went to the authorities and told them that Lucy was a Christian. When the authorities found out what Lucy had done they tried to arrest her and send her off to be a prostitute. But she had Gods protection and they could not move her. She stood strong and bold; they pour hot oil on her and burned her. They beat her; finally they dragged her off to prison where she eventually died.  Most pictures of Saint Lucy depict her holding a bowl with two eyes in it. Saint Lucy is the saint to call on for anything that has to do with the eyes. She is also the one to call on for justice. Her name means light, so anything that is done in the dark she will bring to light. If you want to know the truth about something call on Saint Lucy; the truth will be shown to you.  Saint Lucy is one of the saints you can call on to send forth dark work as well as light. She is not a saint to play around with. She expects her followers to be faithful to her; in return she will work for them. Everything on Saint Lucy’s altar MUST be white. From the altar cloth to the candles burned on the altar. You need a white altar cloth, a white plate, white roses, a glass of water, and white candles. Place the plate on the altar and make a circle around the plate with the roses. Then you burn your candles in side the circle of roses.  I made a set of eyes out of clay and placed them in a small white bowl on my altar. Use a petition paper and oils to work with Saint Lucy. Please believe me when I say don’t play around with this saint. You must leave her an offering on her altar. Wednesday is the day to start any works concerning Saint Lucy. Below is a Novena for Saint Lucy.

O Saint Lucy, whose name means light, full of confidence we present ourselves before you to ask of you a holy light, which may render us cautious avoiding the ways of sin and escaping the darkness of error. We beg also, through your intersession, for the preservation of light of our eyes, together with abundant grace to use it always in accordance with the will of God and without injury to our souls. Grant, O blesses Lucy, that after veneration and thanking you for your powerful patronage on earth, we may come at last to rejoice with you in the paradise of the eternal light of the Divine lamb, your sweet spouse Jesus. Amen

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