Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Family Tradition

I started this tradition 35 years ago as a way for my family to be a part of who I am. When we first started doing the family altar we had a candle, flowers, money, and one of the Saints on the altar. Over the last 35 years the altar has grown. Everything you see on the altar was placed there by someone in my family. The altar is for success and prosperity in the new year to come. Right before Christmas we set the altar up, the offerings are changed as needed. The prayers and petitions are under La Madama. The family keeps the altar up until after New Years.

The idea behind the altar came from an old worker, as you remove the offerings and place new ones over the weeks between Christmas and New Years you are removing the old and bringing in the new. As I said this altar is for "Crown of Success" for the new year. The offerings vary from year to year, but there is always fresh flowers and fruit. This year we have some herbs my daughter added and I placed my mama's old honey pot on the altar. You can't see it but inside the pot is a large magnet wrapped in my petition and a 2$ bill covered in brown sugar. Then I stuck the cinnamon sticks in. 

This is a good way to start the New Year out as a family. Remember the ole saying "A Family that Prays together Stays together"? Start your own tradition and make it a family affair.

Happy Holidays

Momma Starr(c)2011

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