Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Graveyard Work

Graveyard Work
Folks who have come into Conjure or Hoodoo as most folks on the internet call it are under the misconception that graveyard work is all about digging up some graveyard dirt to cross someone up. I call these folks internet Hoodoo's; they don't know any better and are just doing what they have read. There's a lot more to graveyard work than paying for some dirt. This business I see all over the internet about gather dirt from unknown folk’s grave is very dangerous. This topic is for another blog.
I was raised in a family who respect thier dead. I was taught from a very young age to clean the graves of my ancestors or those who have passed on, to decorate them on holidays and special occasions; I was also taught how to gather the dirt for help from my ancestors. It is very disrespectful to wake the dead to put them to work for you when you have done nothing for them. Eventually it will catch up with you and you may bite off more than you can chew.
The two photo's you see are of my ancestor altar and of my Nephew/Godsons grave. Yesterday June 20th was his birthday. I brought him ballons, a cake, candles, flowers and some smoke. I shared a piece of cake with him then lit his candles. I stayed and talked to him for a long time, just chatter. I walked away feeling his spirit all around me. He was born at 9 pm on the 20th, so last night the rest of my family went to visit him. I went alone because I wanted to spend the time with just me and him.
Just because someone has passed doesn't mean they are gone. Their spirit is very much alive. They walk with us in our daily lives. I'm not saying you shouldn't do graveyard work, I'm saying you need to first KNOW what you are doing. You also need to honor the dead you call on for help. Show them the respect they deserve. Orion Foxwood will be giving a workshop in November on the 13th at the Folk Magic Festival in N.O.L.A. on working in the graveyard. If you can make it come and join us.
If you want to work in the graveyard then please learn the right way to approach the dead. It is a lot more to it than paying at the gate and buying some dirt. Find someone to guide you through the work; remember to always be respectful of spirit. Peace Starr



  1. And people need to change how they percieve graveyard dirt. Most seem to to just view it as an ingrediant in my opinion. Anytime you use graveyard dirt you are working with that spirit from whose grave it came from, That dirt is embued with their energy.

    Also, I have to say this. I will say it on my blog too. I personally wouldn't purchase graveyard dirt from a shop. You dont know if it it was gathered correctly. You don't know who the spirit is. You don't even know if it's real graveyard dirt. Of course, that's my opinion and people are going to do what they want to do anyway.

  2. I agree with Starr and DocConjure. I have read alot about doing graveyard work on the internet and watch some videos on U Tube. But the thing that stuck with me was what Starr wrote on her website about this subject and what happens when you don't know what you are doing. Needless to say, I have not done any grave yard dirt. I have bought it from a couple of well known hoodoo sites. But as DocConjure says- I have know idea if it is real, whose grave it came from or what that energy is actually like. I think I'll just dispose of whatever I have left until I actually know what I'm doing. Thanks y'all. Bless you