Thursday, August 23, 2012

Working with Saint Peter

Saint Peter is a very powerful saint who's special to me. He's a door opener who'll open your roads for total prosperity and success or close doors that need to be shut. He has many symbols but the one most folks know him by are keys since he's always pictured holding keys in his hand. He's also symbolized by the rooster which as I was taught brings power. If you walk into Momma Starr's house you'll find rooster decorations all over the place. This is why when I think of Saint Peter and roosters I think of Starr because the rooster is her power symbol and I have to say at least from my experience that she lives up to it in every way!
Saint Peter can open or close doors with his keys which makes him a two headed worker. As a powerful two head conjure doctor Saint Peter knows how to "work with both hands" but you have to be very careful how you work with his keys. Anytime you are drawing something you have to work with his keys pointing UP. This is very important to remember otherwise you can cross yourself up! If you need to shut the door then Saint Peter is always petitioned with his keys pointing DOWN. In other words UP means GO and DOWN means NO! That's as simple as it gets. There's more you can do but this should give you an idea of how powerful St Peter really is...
Momma Starr & I have discussed working with St Peter and his keys numerous times on the radio show which you'll find at blogtalk. She also wrote a chapter on Saint Peter in her "Old Style Conjure: Candle Burning" book that she talks in detail about St. Peter and the different works you can do with him from justice and road opening to success which are his strongest areas. All in all I have to admit that Saint Peter has no limits in what he can or can't do.
As far back as I can remember Momma Starr was the ONLY conjure worker who petitioned St Peter before he got popular on the internet! Most folks were scared of him because of what they read in the Hyatt books and on the Hyatt forum which they had good reason. I can say the same thing about Black Hawk but I'll save that for another discussion. Before Starr started talking more about this powerful saint and his works I recall most workers saying they'd rather work with St Anthony. The thing about St Peter is that you have nothing to fear as long as you RESPECT him and the work he'll do. St Peter will stand by your side as long as you give God and him their credit.
Another thing to remember is that St Peter has no limits but this doesn't mean you can go willy nilly with your prayers and petitions. If you ask St Peter to close doors that aren't supposed to be closed or do your dirty work when you need to clean up your own mess he will turn on you! I'm so serious folks. This ain't no joke and it needs to be put out there. The Spirits are not puppets that you can pull by the string. If you work that way you'll end up hanging yourself by the rope. I've seen it happen.
This applies to any Spirit whether you're talking about BlackHawk, St Martha, et cetera, but this is especially important to remember in your dealings with St. Peter. If you don't act RIGHT with St Peter he'll turn your luck LEFT...Just my two cents. Drlovebug


  1. This is a wonderful write up. Saint Peter is the only saint my Mama ever talked about and how important he is. Momma Starr

  2. Thanks for this blog entry about St.Peter.

  3. I've never worked with Saint Peter before but next time I work with opening my roads or closing anything out I will be work with him for sure. Great post!

    Also, off topic, but Momma Starr, I got your Old Style Conjure book in the mail last week and was curious if it would be ok with you to do a book review on it for my blog? I absolutely love it but wanted to make sure it was ok with you first. ~Matt

    1. Yes that is fine. I'm glad you like the book. Momma Starr

    2. Awesome! I'll let you know when I post the review. ~Matt

  4. I love those giant keys. My momma has a giant key thing hanging on her wall and every chance I get I turn it upwards but she hates it and either turns it down or to the side. LOL

    I've already written a blog on this, but let me repeat this here for readers. St. Peter is nobody to play around with. If you read the bible you will find that St. Peter spoke a death curse on a woman and she dropped dead right then and there. And that was after he confronted the woman's husband who dropped dead too!

  5. Hey Momma Starr, I just finished the book review if ya want to check it out :) It was just a quick little review but it was def. well deserved. Thanks again for writing such amazing material

    Book review is here:

  6. St Peter (Oggun) forms part of the Guererros in Santeria. He along with Ochosi, and Eleggua are in the ones who fights your difficult battles. He is definitely a good saint. He along with Ochosi, and Eleggua are ready to fight your battles and open and close doors. In Santeria St. Peter is also used when someone is about to go into surgery, since he is the owner of metal he is petitioned to help the person come out of surgery safe. I love this old school altars you have.

  7. Erik, thank you for your kind words and thank you for sharing your information, I didn't know that. Thank you.