Sunday, August 19, 2012

Money Drawing Prosperity Jar

Momma Starr's Money Drawing jar is a one of a kind work that has been prayed over from start to finish to help you MASTER your finances and the power of MONEY! This special conjure jar like others prepared by Momma Starr will help you gain the upper hand so you can reach a financial breakthrough.

Are you tired of being in a rut? Are you ready to see your blessings take root? Some say money doesn't grow on trees but according to the Bible "prosperity floweth like a desert tree planted by the river never fearing drought." Starr's Money jar is prayed over to help you withstand your financial lows and sustain the highs so you can reap God's dividends of MONEY, PROSPERITY, & TOTAL SUCCESS. The good thing about God's dividends is that they never run out! They just keep on coming and coming like the river that never runs dry...

Each Money Drawing jar comes with a bottle of specially prepared blessing oil. Dress yourself with Starr's conjure oil so you can bless yourself! All you got to do is add your personal prayers, petitions, and personal concerns to the jar. Starr's Money Drawing jar truly is a work-on-the-go!

If you're tired of monetary lows and want to increase your financial highs purchase Starr's Money Drawing Prosperity jar. Your finances will thank you for it...Drlovebug

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