Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Big Mama Conjure Cleansing Stick

This Conjure stick is hand made and prayed over by Momma Starr to give you power and success where you need it. Starr hand crafted this conjure item with Big Mama's special colors to draw her spirit and special wood found on the California beach to give it stronger pull in removing any blocks or negative spiritual condition holding you down.

The conjure stick is used to remove all crossed or blocked conditions by sweeping yourself from head to foot while praying. Each conjure stick comes with a bottle of Momma Starr's special oil that you can use to dress yourself after cleansing your spirit. No two Conjure Sticks will be the same. Momma Starr is one of the few Traditional conjure workers on the net today. If you are ready to work with Big Mama or cleanse your spirit then Starr's Big Mama stick is exactly what you need to lift up your spirit and CLAIM SUCCESS!!! Drlovebug

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