Friday, August 31, 2012

Working Conjure Jars with Sugars...

Most folks on the Internet know about honey jars in Conjure work. Honey is strong but it can work slow. I was taught that if you want to speed up any work you're doing then add powdered sugar. I have found this to be true through personal experience.

Sugar works fast in Conjure work. Powdered sugar works even FASTER because of the texture. What folks need to remember is that the texture of your sweeteners can and do affect your work. Some online workers will tell you otherwise but conjure work is all about common sense as far as I'm concerned. For example molasses is sweet but it runs slow. If you put something in molasses it will SLOW it down! This is why molasses is used in Conjure to slow something down or bring a situation to a complete HALT!

If you want to do the opposite then use sugar or syrup in your conjure jars. Sugar and syrup works so strong because as you shake the jar it will move just as fast as you work the conjure jars. This is why honey can bring slow results at times because it runs slow. I'm not saying honey isn't good for work but I am stating that as good as it is honey can make your work a little slow. If you're looking for an extra push then you're better off working with sugar or syrups like karo or maple syrup for example. When you put together your sweetening jar don't forget to shake it up while stating your petition. This is how you work a conjure jar. Some online hoodoo rootworkers do not work this way and might tell you different but this is the way I was taught to get the job done and it works plain and simple. Just try it and see what happens. I think you'll notice a difference in your work. As they say "Different strokes for different folks."

One way I was taught by Momma Starr to work a powerful conjure jar or any work for that matter is to build up your work in layers. If you are putting together a sweetening jar first you add a layer of powdered sugar at the bottom of the jar while stating your prayers to God. Tear out the bible verse or chapter from Scripture and write out your petition on the bible verse. Add your power roots, herbs, and ingredients to the petition and fold the petition TOWARDS you around the roots and herbs into a little packet. As you fold the packet towards you state your petition. Now you got a strong conjure packet that you can work in the sweetening jar.

Place your conjure packet in the jar or medicine bottle on top of the powdered sugar. Take some of the leftover roots and herbs and sprinkle them over the packet while stating your petition in the name of the Father, Son, & Holy Ghost. Cover the packet with powdered sugar until you can't see it. You can use this trick for any conjure jar you make with sweeteners. I've worked my jars this way with sugar, honey, and different syrups. For more information check where you can find good jar recipes, take the conjure jar mini course or purchase Momma Starr's books.

There are other sweeteners in Conjure work such as condensed milk but just like molasses you have to be careful because even though condensed milk is sweet and sugary it will eventually go sour and when it does it will sour up your work. This goes back to what I was saying earlier about using your common sense. I know REAL workers out there who for that very reason use milk to sour shit up however there are ways around this. If you are drawing someone or something using milk and honey like the Bible says you can do the work in a bowl.

Place your work in the bowl and pour milk and honey (or condensed milk) around it. State your petitions over the work every day when the hands of the clock rise. Before the milk goes sour, pour it in your yard facing East. By working this way you are asking God to work on your behalf and prosper you in the land of milk and honey just like he did with his people. I hope this information helps...Drlovebug