Sunday, August 19, 2012

Miss Lovey Doll Baby

Miss Lovey is a one of a kind conjure doll baby. She's a diva extraordinaire who draws POWER, LOVE, & TOTAL SUCCESS. All you need to do is petition God, dress yourself with Momma Starr's special oil that comes with the dollie, and let Miss Lovey dominate your spouse and your troubles so you can RULE YOUR ROOST.

This special conjure dollie like others Momma Starr offers in her Etsy shop is made with a railroad spike to give you a will of iron that is unbendable, STRONG, and POWERFUL. If you need help standing on your own Miss Lovey can offer a strong helping hand. She's a conjure woman extraordinaire with a spirit working on your behalf like a double edged sword: with the power Momma Starr has prayed over this special dollie from start to finish Miss Lovey enchants situations in your favor and has the power to bewitch any circumstance where you need to be at the mountain's peak instead of hanging low on the slopes.

Are you ready to be on TOP of your game? Do you need a strong diva who'll bend and break the rules? Are you tired of being played by the game and instead want to be a game changer? Miss Lovey is the answer and with her charms you'll weave the magick of TOTAL VICTORY  & SUCCESS...Drlovebug

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