Sunday, August 19, 2012

Miss Lucky Conjure Dollie

I want to introduce you to a special friend of mine. Her name is Miss Lucky and lucky she is indeed! Like Miss Lovey the other conjure doll I told y'all about Miss Lucky is not to be played with. She's a hard hitter who'll draw TOTAL SUCCESS, LUCK, MONEY, & PROSPERITY where it is needed.

If you want to hit those lucky numbers at the slot machines, increase your winnings at the lottery scratch-offs, or just WIN ahead in life Miss Lucky can charm you and others with her magickal repertoire and help defeat the odds stacked against you. She comes with a bottle of special blessing oil and the power of God prayed over her by Momma Starr from start to finish to PACK A PUNCH in your magickal rituals and conjure workings.

 All you need to do is apply a little of Momma Starr's special conjure oil, call on God, and work your petitions with Miss Lucky to turn your luck around for the better. She's made with a railroad spike like Starr's other conjure dollies to strike heavy blows for SUCCESS in your life. If you want to win hard you have to play hard and like the railroad spike Miss Lucky will help you nail your luck down with an iron fist! 

Are you tired of the grass of prosperity being greener on the other side? Are you ready for your money blessings to take root and hold? Do you feel like sowing the seeds of MONEY, WINNINGS, & TOTAL $$¢¢$$ to reap a good harvest? Miss Lucky is the friend you need to help you succeed!!! She is your new friend for money that'll draw all your blessings like flies to honey...Drlovebug

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  1. I received this dollie and she is beautiful! She is bigger than what I thought and that is not including the green feathers. I feel like she is a happy gal and she gave me her name as soon as I started talking to her. For anyone looking to improve your luck, she is the one to go to! She will get it done, I felt like she is one not to be messing around, gets the work done, and I got that by the way she gave me her name. Very straightforward. Thanks Mamma Starr! Lovely and beautiful doll. Triple Action Little Miss are next!