Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tar Water or Creolina

Tar water is like a double edge sword; it can be used for cleansing and protection but it can also be used in crossing works. Today we are looking at it for cleansing and protection. It’s hard to find tar now days but you can find Creolina which is a commercial brand sold in some ole stores. Creolina is a coal tar deodorant cleaner’s it can be used to spiritually cleans the inside and the outside of the house.

This stuff smells really bad but it works. Just a cap in a mop bucket or in a spray bottle can be used to cleanse the house. If you mop your house make sure you clean the corners. Once you have mopped the whole house take the left over mop water and pour it at the end of your walk way in a straight line. This will put a straight line of protection across your walk way; if anything or anyone tries to cause you issues they have to cross that spiritual line.

Creolina mixed with a little holy water and salt can offer an added protection to your yard. Make a bucket up and dress the 4 corners of the yard and around the house. Creolina will also kill any tricks that have been thrown in your yard. You can also wash your door, stoop and sidewalk down once a week to bring in blessings. This stuff smells really bad and you have to be careful because it can burn the skin. Never work with it unless you have added water to it. This may seem like simple work but it is powerful. Momma Starr


  1. This is very interesting. Can you work turpentine in a similar fashion?

    1. Hey M. Turpentine can be used for protection too. I was taught to dress my shoes with it you can also dress the doors and windows. Turpentine can blister the skin so be very careful. My momma use to put a few drops in our bath water. Momma Starr

  2. Thank You Momma Starr for the info on Tar Water. I had never heard of it until last week while watching the "Dead Files". Your blog is the only place I have found that talks about it at all. Thank you so much for graciously sharing your knowledge. I truely appreciate it.

  3. Momma Starr I've been having problems with ghosts for about 13 years. I just received a bottle of creolina that I ordered online. I'm hoping this will help. I was wondering if u could tell me what exactly does tar water do to ghosts, chases them away. Drain their energy? Also, I was told by a psychic investigater that there's a portal. She said to use salt. Will tar water help keep it closed? Thanks for listening ........ Ruby

  4. Can I incorporate Biblical Psalms and Christian Invocations of God when I dabbed the Tar Water on the yard's corners and sprinkle it around my home?
    Thank you.