Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Darker the Sweet the Stronger the Heat

You know there's an old saying "The blacker the berry the sweeter the juice." I definitely know this is true for sugars and sweeteners in Hoodoo but as I would put it "the darker the sweet the stronger the heat."

What I mean by this is that in my experience I've always had more success using darker sugars and syrups than with the lighter sweeteners.

Brown sugar works stronger than white sugar. Try using it to draw money to you or for any work that has to do with bringing peace and prosperity to the family. Do the same thing with white sugar and compare the difference.

Brown and other darker sugars work better in Conjure work because they're SWEETER plus they're PURE and unrefined. These small differences in texture do make a big difference in the work just like they would in a good ole pie.

Most old timey works call for brown sugar. Brown sugar always reminds me of home. I think about 'Mamie' (cajun french for granny) and sweet potato pies made with brown sugar and a perfect sprinkling of cinnamon at the top. I miss Mamie and her pies that it brings tears to my eyes.

To give an idea of how to put brown sugar to use here's a simple trick for prosperity using a medicine bottle.

In a small medicine bottle add some brown sugar, cinnamon, sassafras root, devil's shoestring, and your petition written on a $2 bill. Add a little holy water and pray Psalm 23. Close the bottle and shake it while stating your petition.

Watch your brown sugar work its magic. It has a different feel than regular white sugar. The same can be said of salts..More on that later. Drlovebug


  1. Love this Dr.LoveBug. I am going to try this, so I can pay for Starr's classes. I've been doing conjure work for about 5 years and you are the first one to talk about the "dark" sweetners and the syrup. Excellant. Thank You

  2. Hello there Dr. Lovebug,

    Does "Honey" and "Maple Syrup" counts as "Dark Sweet" for a stronger work?