Monday, May 14, 2012

Conjure Give It To The Ants!

Over the years I have learned many tricks working with Ants. I prefer to work with what we call "fire ants". Ants are workers and stay busy. If you have ever watched them. Also when they leave a nest that dirt can be used in a couple of different works. If you have an issue with someone and you don't want to use HotFoot you can put the ants to work.

Take an egg and make a hole in one end. Drain the egg out. Burn the persons photo or name to ash, mix it with a little syrup and load it into the egg. Cover the hole with a thin peice of paper. Pour syrup over the egg then bury it with the hole end of the egg in the ant bed. Before long the person will move on. This works and it is nicer than hotfoot. Momma Starr


  1. LOL...was actually thinking of ants today.

    I like it but I don't think it's "nicer" than hotfoot. In fact I was taught a similar thing in order to drive someone crazy. Just imagine the sensation of ants crawling all over you nonstop. LOL

    1. I was never taught to work with ants to drive someone crazy. I was taught they can either bring or remove and that they are hard workers so the work seems to work. How do they drive folks crazy? If you don't mind me asking this is somehing new for me. They are easier than hotfoot because they don't cross you up or make you wonder like hotfoot does. They just move you out, once the syrup is gone they will leave the target alone because there is nothing there. Momma Starr

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    3. @ Momma Starr,

      It's a dark work so I will go ahead and email it to you. I don't want newbies running around doing this kind of stuff.

      However, I will say this publicly, ants and even wasps and wasp nests can be used to drive people off in a hurry. They aren't gentle. They scare the crap out of people just lik the live insects do. So say you are sitting down and then realize you go all these ants crawling over you. What are you going to do? You are going to high-tail it out of therre while brushing yourself off. Same thing when a wasp flies by you. You are gonna run away. Or shoudl I say that most people would run away.

    4. Thanks Doc for sharing. Momma Starr

    5. @ Momma Starr,

      I think I will try your method for like a problem one wishes to get rid off. I do like the idea of the ants carrying off stuff.

    6. Try it Doc and let me know how it worksfor you. Momma Starr