Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Protestant Saints in Hoodoo

I know the title sounds a little funny but it speaks an unspoken truth (pun intended). Most traditional hoodoo workers will tell you in a heartbeat that they don't work with the saints. They may even say it's pagan and might link it to idolatry HOWEVER they do work with the prophets. This is evident in the gospel songs, prayers, and the true old works that you don't hear about least as far as the Internet is concerned!!! Now as we all know that will change soon because folks will start to make claims about the prophets. Hmmm...go figure.

So some of y'all are probably saying "Where am I going with this?" Well I'll tell you. Just like the Catholic saints the prophets in Conjure work are extremely powerful. There's Moses, David, Jeremiah, King Soloman, Ezekiel, and many countless others. These spirits are just as much a part of Conjure work as the saints. Heck you can buy supplies left and right that's named or associated with the prophets like King Soloman Wisdom products, Exodus Oil, et cetera. There are even special roots named after the biblical prophets like Soloman Seal root, Sampson Snake root, HIGH JOHN THE CONQUEROR root, just to name a few. Some roots are named after people of power in the Bible who were considered wicked like Jezebel root for example.

The point I'm trying to make is that you always hear about hoodoo products being made related to the prophets and what they're "reputed" to do but NOBODY is talking about how to work with Biblical prophets. The prophets give power to the work so they should be acknowledged. Momma Starr teaches a lot of information about how to work with the prophets in her bible book. As with other things I think this topic should be brought forth and discussed more in detail.

Like the Catholic saints the prophets have an important place in traditional conjure work that should be recognized. The prophets are the "Protestant Saints" of hoodoo, conjure, rootwork after all. Drlovebug

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