Monday, February 27, 2012

Working by The Clock

Working by The Clock(c)starr
I was not taught to work by the moon phases, in my family that was considered witchcraft which was a sin and went against God. I was raised in the Pentecostal church, so moon phases didn’t have a place in my life other than when to cut my hair, when to plant or when to remove a wart and such. I don’t mean any disrespect to anyone or how they believe; but since this is my website and my writings I feel like I have the right to speak plain. At a young age I was lucky to meet an old Conjure worker, she explained to me about working by the clock. She told me she didn’t have time to wait for the moon to settle. I have to agree with her.

When I have a job to do I don’t wait on the moon; the work comes out just as good working by the clock. This information is being lost like a lot of the other old ways because folks don’t know about it. When you work by the clock you work to remove something when the hand on the clock is going downward. So if I wanted to do a reversal work I would start that work at around five minutes after midnight. You can start the work at any time after the hour but I like midnight because that is a very powerful time.

 Now if I am going to take a cleansing bath I will start the bath at around twenty after the hour, this gives me ten minutes in the tub before the hand starts moving upward. By the time the hands are moving upward towards the next hour I am dried off and dressing myself with spiritual oil. I dress from toes to heal and upward. This is done to draw things to me. Get the idea? Try this and you will see once you get the hang of it you will never wait for a moon phase again to do your Conjure work.

 I do try to work with the days of the week and the planets; but if I have a job that has to be done and it is not on the right day I will still do the work. I was taught not to let anything stop me from doing my work and I have always lived by that with great success. Sometimes a work might take a while but I just keep hitting it until it is done. Here is a little money vigil trick that you should try it works really well.

 Get a seven day green vigil. At 11:35 am start dressing your vigil and get it ready to light. Say your prayers and do whatever you do to get your vigils ready. Now at 11:45 tap the candle three times and on each tap say “the Lord is my Shepard and I shall not want”. Then light your vigil.
At noon say your petition over your vigil. Then every day at noon until the candle burns out go to your space and say your prayers and your petition. Try this I think you will see a difference in your money work. Check out the link below Candle Burning On The Hour.


  1. Momma Starr, I want to do you controlling jar. Should this work be done when the hands are rising or falling? Midnight, 6am, noon, or 6pm?

  2. Work the jar at noon when the sun is high in the sky. Better known as high noon. Momma Starr

  3. I heard folktales and lores about the powers concerning Hoodoo/Conjure/Rootwork of the South. And the Biblical Tales of how it works and how one utilizes it, such as "literally" gaining victory over the enemy's territory, and make a country collapse. (When Lord God made the Babylonian Kingdom fall into the hands of the Persians). Are there such works that can significantly manifest physically to such a level of extent? Just asking... because as far as I can tell, the prophets of the Bible such as Moses "literally" freed the Israelites by using Conjure Work, and Joshua taking over Jericho....

    Thank you very much Mama Star

  4. I was taught to work with Joshua 6 for removing all blocks and crossed conditions even those that seem to be unmovable. So I think there is is.