Monday, February 27, 2012

Laying Trick's

 Laying tricks is a big part of Hoodoo. You can lay a trick anywhere the person will walk or place the powder or oil on anything they will touch. You can even add it to the sprinkle water that you use to iron their clothes with. The heat from the iron will heat it up and as you pass the iron over the clothes you can pray to yourself what you want the outcome to be. When I was young in my early twenties I did ironing for other folks. I kept a magnet in my spray bottle to keep them coming back. When I boiled my water for the starch the main pot had a magnet, a few drops of syrup and a few bay leaves thrown in it. This kept my ironing folks coming back.   

You can place the oil on the bottom of their shoe's or place oil on their sox or under clothes. The trick is to name the person the trick is meant for and then make your prayer and petition. You don’t need a bunch of Hocus Pocus to be a successful worker. What folks need to do is get out and talk to ole folks. Folks are under the misconception that you will meet a worker and they will just start spouting out all this work. That is false and you are living a pipe dream! It ain’t gonna happen. They have to get to know you. Meeting old workers out in the real world is not the same as meeting one on the internet, I guarantee that. It’s taken me about {7} years to get comfortable with the internet and how it works. I’m young compared to workers like, Mr. Robert, Mother Winnie, Mother Tolbert, and Ms. Doris to name a few. They don’t have computers nor do they know anything about the internet. Yes they are all still alive, I speak to them often.

The one thing you need to remember is to keep it simple. Get out and meet the people! You can’t understand what real Conjure is unless you get out and meet the ole folks. You’re not going to learn it through the internet. When you do meet them DON'T start asking about Hoodoo! If you do then you want get a word out of them.


  1. Oh, I'm so glad Mr. Robert is still with us. I thought he passed some time back. I would love to meet him and talk with him.

  2. Nope he is still here, bless his heart. He's in his 80's but he still try's to do. Momma Starr