Monday, February 27, 2012

To Stop an Enemy

If you feel someone is burning candles against you; then you need to get a red stick candle and {3} nails. Using a hammer, nail the {3} nails into the candle; on each nail say” I wish my enemy would go away and leave me alone! Make them leave me alone in the name of the Trinity”.

Set the stick candle on a white plate. Mix a pinch of gun powered with some sugar and sprinkle it around the candle. Some ole folks say you can place burnt salt around the candle. They say the burnt salt will drive them away and take away their luck.

Burn your candle for {10} minutes; when the hand of the clock is going downward on Mondays, while praying your petition. Blow the candle out when you are done. You are blowing your enemy away from you. Once the candle is finished take it through as many crossroads as you can and leave at the one farthest from your home.

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