Monday, February 27, 2012

Hoodoo Rootwork Love Conjure

Since the beginning of time women have been finding ways to entice the opposite sex. I'm going share with you a couple of tricks that I have not seen on the internet and thats because there are not many Traditional conjure workers on the net. All you ever see or hear about is spiritual oils and a few waters. I'm going to share {2} remidies with you that will help in dealing with your man. Smell has always played a factor in how men react to women.  There are certian smells that draw them.

 In 1935 Revlon came out with a classic scent of spice and floral. This classic is Jean Nate after bath splash; this bath splash is fresh and invigorating. I used this splash for many years, then it became hard to find. Revlon has brought it back and it is as good as ever.  Old school workers know that this bath splash can be used to draw your man closer. It’s something about the smell. If your man seems to be distant from you, get some Jean Nate. After you bath just splash some on. Watch what a change comes over him. I add some to a spray bottle with a little water and spray my bed with it. Get some and try it you can find it at walgreens.

 This one might be a little harder to find but you can find it sometimes during the christmas holidays. This oldie but goodie is called {Sand & Sable} it is put out by Coty. My mama wore this scent, I call it her scent. If you have a man who is tight fisted wear some Sand & Sable when you as him for some cash. I had forgotten all about this one until Ms. Doris remined me. She gave me some and when I sprayed it I smelled my mama. I don't know why or how but this really works.  Enjoy Momma Starr


  1. Mamma Starr, you just answered a question of mine I didn't even know I wanted to ask. I always wondered why my Grandma had a bottle of Jean Nate when she had so many other really expensive perfumes and powders. And why when she came back from her shopping vacation with the little sample bottles of perfumed oils for my sister and I-- we always got some Jean Nate along with them.

    Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Wendy, I love that stuff and I put it on every night after my bath. For a long time I couldn't find it then Wal-greens started carry it again in the large bottle. Momma Starr

  2. If you are interested:
    Sand and Sable scent notes are: Tuberose, Jasmine, and Gardenia. (these are guessed on but mostly agreed upon)

    Jean Nate scent notes are:(top) Lemon, Bergamot, Lavender, (Middle) Rose, Jasmine, Muguet, Geranium, Spices (might be something close to nutmeg) (this was on the Revlon website)

  3. Thank's sharing this with us. Momma Starr