Monday, February 27, 2012

Conjure Balls

Conjure balls are these funny little balls that can be made with wax, clay {like the one in the picture} or mud from a crawdad mound. Sometimes the little balls are not so funny after all; like the one you see in the photo's. Conjure balls can be made to draw prosperity, to draw love, for domination work and like the one in the picture the can be used to knock the hell out of someone.

There are times when folks go to far and need to sit the hell down. The ball in the photo is the type of ball I was taught to do just that. I want tell you how to make the ball in the picture because it is dangerous work and you could cross yourself up; but I want to explain the concept as it was explained to me many years ago.

The conjure ball really represents the head of the target. The crown of our head is very important. The work above was done for a client who had to be protected. The targets personal items are placed in the conjure ball along with a verse from the Bible, it is all burned to ash. All of this is mixed with the clay to make the targets head. Of course while the ball is being made you are very focused on the target and you are praying the whole time.

If you notice in the photo there are {4} square head pins in the ball nailing the person down. Right there in the center of the cross set up is a wonderful black candle, bringing justice and protetion. Remember a photo speaks a thousand words and when a seed is planted a strong tree will grow!

Momma Starr


  1. LOL...Is that a scorpion? Love it. Also, if people want, coconuts can also be used for people's heads, especially if one is working on a person's mind.

  2. It is Doc; my husband makes them for me to work with. Like they say "like begets like". Momma Starr