Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Working with Blue Bottles

You don't hear anything about working with blue bottles on the internet. All I've seen online workers say about these bottles is to hang them in your yard to make a bottle tree. There's more you can do with that bottle than hanging it on a branch just to look pretty. As more folks online especially Internet hoodoos hear about blue bottles you'll see all kinds of information on websites almost like Mawmaw handed it to them straight from the grave, LOL.

Working with blue bottles is really old conjure work. All the old workers use them with medicine bottles to set things into motion. Blue bottles especially cobalt work so strong because they protect your work. I have a powerful blue bottle for protection loaded with special ingredients. Because this bottle is so special to me I keep it in my Black Hawk pot to protect me and my loved ones. Through God, my powerful Ancestors, and Black Hawk no one will ever undo that bottle. I keep it constantly refreshed and working with other tricks to back up my work.

I was always taught to keep a blue bottle behind the front and back door of the home. This makes sense because like a two headed doctor the blue bottle works for more than one thing. It gets the job done for the rootworker like a double edged sword.

Okay for starters I'll give a simple bottle work for protection. To protect yourself and your loved ones tear Isaiah 41 out the bible and write your names on it. Place the bible verse into a blue bottle with a small cross, some salt, a few drops of holy water, a little sugar, and some devil's shoestring twigs bound in red string to hold the devil down.

Pray over your conjure bottle, work all your faith into it, and leave it by the doors so it can do its job. I hope you enjoy this little work. Drlovebug


  1. I've had my blue bottle for protection about 14-15 years now. I would also recommend people place items in the bottle that will not only ward off danger but also warn of it. For example, a small bell can do the trick. My bottle also has a dollie face in it that looks out through the glass so that it can always be on the look-out for me. I have a specific spirit working with me through that bottle and I love that spirit dearly and they have never let me down.

  2. Thank you, Drlovebug. I have been collecting some blue bottles and feeling led to do some sort of protective thing with them other than just bottle tree. I saw myself filling and sealing them. This was exactly what I needed.