Sunday, June 10, 2012

Hit Em Hard! Nail Em Down!

I shared this wonderful spike on my face book but I have never shared it here. Auntie Sindy Todo of made the spike for me and my wonderful husband made the copper scorpions that decorate it. This is a very powerful conjure tool and should never be used lightly. This is the kind of tool that should be used for murders, child abuse cases, elderly abuse, and of course for justice work. The combination of the iron and the copper, plus the spirit of the scorpion is very hot and heavy work. It works almost instantly. I have only on a few occasions seen work that has worked this fast. Yes it was put to work the day after I got it in the mail. Momma Starr ©


  1. Very nice. I saw scorpians in another photo you posted and that's when you told me your husband made them. He's very talented and should probably start selling things he makes.

    Are those citrine stones?

    I would love those. I used to have a larg and heavy scropion paperweight. It was the kind with the scorpion encased in the lucite. I don't know what happened to it but I can't find it. It would be great to use to hold down enemies. I'll probably have to find one online or else do work to draw it to me.

    1. I think they are citrine but I am not sure. I love them scorpions too. You might have seen the really large one he made. Momma Starr