Friday, June 1, 2012

The Power of Salt

Salt is wonderful for all kinds of conditions. You can use it in cleansing, uncrossing, luck, prosperity, you name it. Salt can keep troubles out your door or send someone's mess thrown your way right back at them.

Salt can be used in any kind of work so from a worker's perspective it is an all purpose ingredient.

I have found through personal experience that different types of salt work stronger for me. For example I think the BEST salt to use in cleansing work especially if you are doing spiritual baths is kosher salt. This stuff is phenomenal. If you are doing a cut and clear go kosher.

I don't know why kosher salt works so well but everytime I've ever used it the results have been strong. I've also had similar experience with pink himalayan and rock salt.

A simple work you can do to protect your home is to place a cross of devil's shoestrings tied with red string in a bowl of salt. Pray over your bowl then place it over or near your front door.

You can also sprinkle salt over which you've prayed Psalm 23 at your front door. This will keep troubles from coming in your house.

To protect someone you love sprinkle a ring of salt around their picture. Place a cross on the photo and petition Jesus to cover your loved one with his most powerful protection.

If you want to protect your house from getting crossed up lay small piles of salt in all the corners of your home. Place a blessed bay leaf and a block of camphor on top of the pile.

There's so many tricks you can do with salt. It doesn't matter what salt you got.
Oh and one more thing. My momma always said never run out of salt or your luck will run out the door. She also said anytime you move into a new home always bring new salt.

God Bless Y'all...Drlovebug

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  1. I go to the dollar store and buy the plastic jars of kosher salt. I keep one in the bathroom. When I get out of the shower in the morning I sprinkle some at the bottom of the tub and squish my feet in it. I do this before I go to bed as well. It feels good and makes a difference in how I feel :)