Sunday, June 10, 2012

Making a feather Fan

During a recent Blackhawk class I tried to explain how to make a feather fan using a wooden handle instead of just binding the feathers together. If you are not crafty enough to draw the handle out you can use a fly flap for a pattern. You trace the pattern onto your wood, then you can use the gig saw to cut it out. It depends on what type of wood you use as to how much sanding will have to be done once it is cut out. After you get the handle sanded smooth take a drill with a bit the size of the quill of the feather you will be using. Drill 5 holes in the end of your handle. Use glue to hold the feathers in the hole. Momma Starr © 


  1. Are there any types of feathers that are better to use? I have a chance to get some turkey tails, and I wonder if Blackhawk would like them?

  2. Buzzard feathers work good for cleaning work as do Turkey feathers. Momma Starr

  3. Thanks for sharing, I don't work with Blackhawk but this is a neat idea.