Sunday, July 8, 2012

Workers Ethics

I got this request from a client. She ask if I would talk about this and I said I would. Any time a worker tries to "put the moves" on a client that worker is unethical and the client should run as fast as they can. I'm just gonna cut and paste it from my e-mail minus her inforation of course. It is up to her to put her name out there not me. I think this is a disgrace and should have never happen. This worker needs to get out of the business PERIOD! Momma Starr

{Momma Starr,

Thank You for scheduling the reading.
I hope that you and yours had a wonderful 4th of July.
Thank you again for the books, they are a tremendous help to me.
I love the books!!!!!!!!! I read your blog and am sorry that someone
is doing stuff with your books. People just do not know what to
do with themselves, but there are a lot of unscrupulous people out
there and a few those seem to be workers. I shared my experience
with you on that. Sometimes they do it for money and other
times it is to try to make someone fall for them or have sex with them.

My situation is where I made it clear what I wanted and sex/love for the
worker had nothing to do with it and my actions and interactions were
very clear. It is one thing for a worker and client to mutually consent or
engage with each other and it is quite another when the worker takes
it upon him/herself to try to get you to fall for them when you want
to engage in is for them to work which you are paying for and their work
further screws up or crosses you up because they are trying to pull you
to them and then it takes years for you to undo their damage on top of getting
out from under the stuff that you went to them to begin with.

If someone has a reputation like that and are preying on their clients and taking their time and money then they should not be held in the worker community as a
helpful or good worker.

Please see if you can include that as a blog or radio talk show topic

Thank you,}

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