Sunday, July 8, 2012

Part 2 Workers Ethics

Here is the second e-mail I got from her.

{Here is part two:

I found out about this reader/worker thru a trusted network. I based my start to
work with him based on their reputation and this guy takes it upon himself to act
this way. I did not see it at first, guess that is what happens when you get
or are crossed up. This worker wanted to meet me and I went to his home
on the basis of cleansing, reading and doing work. He had started work with me
then after he saw my picture, he started making comments that were lost on
me because he had a wife and two I was not interested in him in that way
even if he were single. I was going to him for love work for a specific guy,
hint hint I did not want him. I was also trying to get a job in a new profession
and paid him to do work to that end. He was not doing me any favors folks,
I paid him for work. I did not flirt with him because, there was no interest on my part and I do not like to play games with folks, especially those I do not want.

However, he kept saying things like my wife would not mind if I left her for someone like you. I was like why would that even come up because, your wife and your love life with or without her has nothing to do with me one way or the other and so that should not even be
a topic of conversation for the two of you because there is no basis for it.

In the beginning before the above comment, I had considered them both like god parents or psuedo god parents because they were both 20 years older than me. However, the job I wanted or thought I wanted was in his state and I believe he did work on me (later this was
confirmed in a reading) to get me near him.

I moved to the state to further my career prospects when I should have stayed where I was and this move made me homeless, took all of my savings and inheritance, and a few other questionable things before I hit rock bottom.. His work he sent spirits after me and all he wanted was for me to be with him and he did not care what happened to me or how it impacted my life. Those spirits nearly killed me and I have repaired my life and survived, but I am and always will be pissed off at myself for allowing this to take place from the beginning and for his pathetic ass supposed to be a worker and spiritual person resorting to such crap. He did not get me after all of that I moved there, but I did not see him or deal with him once I got there.

This is a lesson for people out there, if someone wants you they want you and if they do not then they do not. Free will will win out in the end or you may bring something onto you if you cross them up to get them and they uncross themselves because they are going
to do a reversal and send a shit storm back on you. That is what I did----Momma Starr taught me a lot and through her classes and another worker did too. I met Momma Starr after this crap happened and she taught me a lot and her books did too.

My life is mine again and I have the power to keep it that way. Those who have wronged me are paying or have paid for their shit ten times over. If someone is interested in you and the two of you have an actual relationship or sex together and have something going and you want to enhance it then use your discretion.

However, if someone does not want you and they have made it clear to that end either they are married or just do not want you and you or you get a worker to interecede on your behalf, be careful because you do not know what may happen when that person fights back. Yes, if you are in the wrong it will hit you or yours. Do not think you are immune when you wrong folks and delude yourself that are entitled to it because of your work or whatever spirit or spirits or deities you work with.

It is fine to admire someone, ask the universe to send you someone who looks like acts like that person, but someone who is right for you.

I was also in a bad way during that time because one of my parents died and so I was prey or easy pickings for this person or so he thought. If you are worker and you like someone then make sure it is mutual and not just what you hope it to be and if someone is coming to and PAYING YOU THAT'S RIGHT PAYING YOU THEN IT IS BUSINESS!!!!!! Not your fantasy. Also networks need to stop protecting people who have a reputation for this sort of behavior because despite the money you are making from their clients ultimately you will start to lose your credibility because you are condoning this behavior by having this person affiliated with your business.

I survived my ordeal, by God's grace and mercy.

I also had another male worker voodoo prince tell me that he could clean my spirit and my energy field if I imagined myself having sex with him. He said that if I imagined that his penis was taking out the negative energy in my body. Again, REALLY, People need to stop the f********ng madness and do your work and be professional.

People want to train workers on Hoodoo and give them certificates then they need to offer a segment in their courses to cover professionalism and ethics with their students.

I hope that this will help someone out their if someone is flirting with you who is supposed to be working on your behalf then run don't walk away. Be very careful who you give your bodily concerns to----trust your gut no matter what is going on even if you are crossed you still have an internal compass that will help you!!!} 

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