Sunday, July 8, 2012

Unethical Workers Part 3

This is the third part of Unethical Workers. Momma Starr

{My previous email was cut off and I wanted you to know that I appreciate everything you have taught me with the classes and Blackhawk and your books. Yes, my life has turned around tremendously since our first conversation in October 2011. I took a chance and called you and you said that I sounded so bad. I did sound bad, my life had been turned upside down because of the jealousy, envy, and mistreatment of others. I also allowed and put my trust in unscrupulous readers and workers who had their issues and agendas.
I was so messed up the day that I called you that I was so lost and low I did not know what would happen to me because, I had seriously reached my breaking point.

God led me to your site and you did a reading on me, I ordered two of your books, and you taught me how to work with the saints. I constructed several altars in my prayer meditation room. I started praying to God for their intercession and I kept adding work to my altars. Slowly but surely things started changing in my life. I started getting stronger and gradually made my way to clear up a lot of crap from my world.

People who were causing me problems started fading from my life. This year for the first time since I enrolled at U of L since 2007, I was just now this year this past May able to sit and take the exams. After 5 years, my way was clear. At the end of August, I will be able to move to just outside of Washington, DC --Arlington, VA and go to school at a prestigious university and work on two degrees at the same time.

In 2009, I had to move from Florida because, I was drowning in debt and was down trodden because of the stuff I mentioned above. I had to move into my late grandmother's old old house in a rural god forsaken area where I grew up , but never really fit in. I was and still am always different. There were people who had prayed for me to have nothing, including not having money no husband, no success, no prospects and nothing but to have to rely on others. There were people who got a kick out of me having to live in an old house. There were people who were happy that I had poor job prospects.
But by God's grace he has the final say so and not man. I am moving and there are people who are upset because, after all they did they can't stop it. This is blood folks. No men around here that I deemed compatible for me and I have met men recently and dated men out of state after 2 years of no dates and now when I go away relatives are burning up my cell phone calling me about stupid stuff and being worrisome. It is really hard for a professional woman to move ahead when you have folks who do not understand and are jealous and can't get out off the way. I do not have children or anything else on me now and people thought that me being in this rural place that i would fall into line and deal with them on their terms and even in three years it did not work.

I have BlackHawk guarding my home and I petition him, white eagle and st. michael to protect my home and keep folks out and people have literally thrown a tantrum jumping up and down screaming at me because they can not come in my home. They tell me you do not want me in here and they threaten me with bullying and other things. I simply tell them it is unfortunate for them that they feel that way. I also have a broom upside down in the corner of my front door (behind it) to keep folks out. I just walk away and laugh.
They are made because the stuff you taught me is working and even when stuff happens i can tell who did it because, it goes right back to them and then they complain about it.

Here it is almost two years later and my life is finally going the way I want it to go. Nothing and no one in my way that can't be moved. I work with st. martha, st. barbara, my ancestors, my guardian angels, st. peter, blackhawk, white eagle and san simon. I have altars and work for them and talk and pray to God for their intercession and cleansings everyday.
Thank you again I appreciate everything


  1. THanks for sharing this story. I'm sorry the person had to go through this, but I'm glad they have come through it to other side and didn't let it keep them down.

    1. She is my client and has been for around 2 years now. When she asked me to talk about this I thought the best way was to blog it in her own words which she gave me permission to share here. Her case is the first I have every heard of in 40 years of being around clients and workers where a male worker over stepped himself. Momma Starr