Friday, September 7, 2012

"Them Bones & Them Cards" NOLA class...

Join Momma Starr in her “Them Bones & Them Cards” Conjure class in New Orleans where Starr, a renowned old style conjure worker, Spiritualist Reverend, Divinely Anointed Prophetess, and Two Head Doctor extraordinaire with 30+ years’ experience, will teach about “Working with Spirit” through divination with the playing cards and throwing the bones. She created a special conjure playing card deck with instruction book that she'll teach all participants to work with in reading the playing cards and listening to your Ancestors. At the folk magic festival you can purchase Starr's card kit and learn how to actually put it to work during this special class.
As a part of enrolling in the course each participant will receive a free complementary booklet written and published by Starr titled “Old Style Conjure: Working with Spirit” that will empower you with secret knowledge and information combined with what you acquire from the class so you can truly be your own reader and spiritual worker.
Much has been said about throwing the bones and reading the playing cards. There’s too much speculation but not enough good honest communication on how to do the work the right way. Starr will set the record straight on how old conjure workers read “them cards” and work “them bones” as part of her theme “Working with Spirit.” She’ll teach all attending HANDS ON conjure work with throwing the bones and working the playing cards to draw victory, how to find the blocks keeping you in a bind, and accomplish total success by working with your Ancestors and listening to Spirit.

As a part of her “Working with Spirit” theme Momma Starr will guide all attendees to reading the cards and throwing the bones for themselves and others using her 30 years of vast knowledge, experience, professional expertise, and HANDS ON in-your-face teachings. Take advantage of the information being presented and learn how to throw them bones and work them cards from a “worker’s worker.” As a sneak peek one of the tricks you may learn with the playing cards and bones is how to work with the power of the Crossroads in your bone and card reading setups to open/close doors. With the Crossroads you can draw blessed conditions and the desires of your heart and remove blocks, kill jinxes, and turn your bad luck into profitable good luck. Are you ready to take your success of Conjure work up a few notches? “Them Bones & Them Cards” class is the solution to your spiritual fix.

What most folks online don’t know is that reading the playing cards and throwing the bones are a hidden work in and of themselves. Old workers have always known that when the cards show sumthin’ ain’t right or when “them bones” reveal trouble you can work with these tools to turn the trick and run them devils off as you work with Spirit. Momma Starr will share a few secrets from her bag of tips and tricks never before revealed to help you bring power, divine wisdom, and spiritual discernment to your consultations.

Here you’ll learn how to be your own reader and worker. This is a conjure class for everyone because you’ll leave with knowledge about Spirit that you can apply immediately to your spiritual work and arsenal whether you’re a novice or experienced spiritual worker. Learn from Momma Starr, considered by many the best in the business, and arm yourself with information that’ll change your whole outlook on working with Spirit and becoming your own spiritual worker. Join Conjure Crossroads in NOLA and enroll today! Drlovebug

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