Sunday, September 30, 2012

Blue Candles for Money

Most people learning hoodoo on the Internet know for prosperity work to use green candles because they symbolize growth. I learned to work this way and it's great but I also learned about blue candles which you don't hear much about on the Internet.

Blue is one of the strongest colors you can use to draw money because when you fix a blue candle for money work it will remove blocks over your finances. You can work with a blue candle or a blue Money House Blessing vigil. It has a Native American warrior on it.

When I petition Black Hawk to remove money blocks I burn the House Blessing vigil inside his pot with my petition, bible verse, and herbs loaded into the vigil. Every time I work with him this way I see an increase in my blessings. Black Hawk will not draw money to you but he'll protect your money. He's also a fighter so when I offer him a blue vigil he uses it to bust up all blocks holding my money in a bind.

Some workers will tell you that you can't work with blue or purple candles to attract money to you but I disagree. Here's why. Blue cleanses your money. Purple gives you power over your finances. If you want to be on top of your finances you have to protect what you got and control your money. Blue and purple candles will help you do just that.

To draw money to you get a blue, white, and purple candle. Ask Spirit to remove blocks over your money with the blue candle, to answer your prayer with the white candle, and to help you control your finances with the purple candle. Write your personal petition in the wax of the white candle and load it. Load the other candles with your petitions and herbs.

Light the candles in a straight line with the blue on one side, the purple on another, and the white candle in the middle. This will help you with your money. Drlovebug


  1. Blue is also good for love-drawing, especially when seeking a true, faithful mate. I actually have an old catelog that recommends the burning of blue candles for love and money.

    Also, people need to realize that secondary colors are composed of the primary colors. So Green is blue and yellow. So you can use either blue or yellow for money or prosperity. Just like with purple, it's red and blue.

    Great post. :)

  2. Thanks for the post. I'm always interested in learning about candle burning.

  3. I never knew blue candles could be used for "money-works", I'd thought the color blue is used for warding off the evil-eye as talismans and to repel evil, because of it's associations with keeping evil at bay.

    Also, is there a "work" in hoodoo-conjure that can manifest to a much "higher degree", as to not build improvement on your everyday mundane life, but also to gain a position in politics? (such as a mayor, a governor etc...)

    Thank you again Mama Starr, May God Almighty Bless you for your truth.