Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Honoring Saint Michael: September 29th

I just want to remind everyone that Saint Michael's day of celebration is September 29th. Any day is good to serve Spirit but it's good to remember your spiritual protectors on their holy days because that's what the saints are. The saints protect your blessings, pray with you when you serve God, and bless you when you most need it. We have to always be thankful to God for what we have but you have to remember his servants too. They work hard when doing God's work and stand by your side.
I honor Saint Michael because he is so special to me. He has helped me found strength in trials that I never thought I had so I give all due credit and thanks to Saint Michael. He is a protector of my family.
You don't have to do a big elaborate setup when you honor the Spirit. If you can give some flowers and a vigil candle do that. If all you got is a tealight then light that tealight to the Spirit. Give whatever you can even if it's just prayer. Give thanks to God and show the Saints how much you love them. Prayer from the heart is the most powerful offering to Spirit.
As you honor the Saints on their holy days that is the perfect time to renew your vows to Spirit. Thank the Saints for their blessings you received during the year and ask them to continue showing favor in your life. Find something to be grateful about because you have a lot of be thankful for even if it's just being alive. I know this is hard sometimes even for me but everyone has something to be grateful about in their lives. Find that and cherish it!
Since I'm writing about Saint Michael let's talk about honoring him. The simplest thing you can do is light a red candle to him dressed with holy oil and pray. Anytime I pray I always start with 3 Our Fathers, 3 Hail Mary's, and a Glory Be with a revocation. Then I say my prayers to Saint Michael and thank him for having my back for the year. I remind Saint Michael that I'll always need him and appreciate his help in my life. This is to show Spirit that I know what Spirit does in my favor and I appreciate it. I always count my blessings as best as I can.
Some saints can be really picky about who they work with but Saint Michael can be petitioned by anyone whose heart is in the right place. If you have never worked with him before but feel called try honoring him on his birthday and see what happens. Drlovebug

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  1. This is such a special Saint {Angel} powerful and kind ! i'm going to be celebrating his day . He is very special to me . i think its only right to give back something for all {Spirit} gives to us . Blessings for the great post