Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Petitioning Saint Michael

St Michael Nailing Down the Devil
In my last post I spoke about honoring Saint Michael on his birthday. Here we're going to talk a little about how to petition him. Most folks know he can be petitioned for protection work but Saint Michael can do many things. Since he's called on to put the fiery wall of protection around you we'll get into that.
To do simple fiery wall of protection work write your names, ALL MY LOVED ONES, and a petition in the wax of a red candle. Add your protection herbs and roots and dress the candle with holy oil. Hold the candle to your mouth and ask Saint Michael to protect you. Petition God to place a fiery wall of protection around the family that can't be crossed. Light the fixed red candle on a photo of you and your loved ones.
Everyday state your petition as the candle burns. If using a stick candle burn it in sections for 7 days. On day number 9 place the photo under a statue of Saint Michael. You can also make a small conjure prayer packet of red flannel with the photo, bible verse burnt to ash, and three special ingredients that will lend power to that packet. When you tie up your packet place it under your statue so St Michael will stand on guard. If you have a photo frame place the packet behind the photo.
This work is simple but it brings strong results. If you really want to learn protection work or how to do justice work I highly recommend Starr's mini courses. They are jam packed full of information that you won't find elsewhere. Good luck with petitioning Saint Michael. Drlovebug


  1. Great posts. I just wanted to state that it's not really St. Micahel's birthday, since he's an archangel he wasn't ever born. Instead, it's his feast day, also called Michaelmas. Michaelmas has become the day that is associated with the beginning of fall since it's close to the autuman equinox. Also, most of the feast days of saints are actually memorials of their deaths, not births. The one saint that is different is St. John as St. John's day celebrates his birth. Just thought I would pass that one. Keep up the good work! :)

    1. Thanks. Yeah you're right. In my mind I call the saint's holy days their birthdays because it's just like a birthday except you're honoring the day they died or were martyred.

      I hope people give back to Spirit and show some love. You know they say the Devil is working overtime. That might be true but I think the same can be said of God's messengers. Drlovebug

    2. I know in Voodoo that they treat the feast days of the saints like birthdays. Many of the saints/lwa/orishas are even given birthday cakes on their feast days.

      About the devil working overtime, yep1 No rest for the wicked. LOL