Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Holy Family & Your Ancestors for Peaceful Home

The Holy Family can be petitioned for any need you have but I'll talk about how to work with them to protect the family right along with your ancestors. I want to mention here that Family (yes with a capital F) is really important to me! I say this because Family is all that you have in the world.

Your foundation begins with the family. Your roots come from your ancestors. This is why it's really important to honor and work with your ancestors. Some workers will tell you that you aren't supposed to work with your dead and that it's only acceptable to honor them but I'll tell you that's a bunch of hogwash. I'm not going to rehash this argument here but I'm making a point.

Because your ancestors are the roots of your tree you have to honor them because you come from them. When you pay respects to your dead you are honoring your roots and your heritage. This is important for everyone especially people of Colour. Regardless of your ethnic background honor your dead people and show them some love because they deserve it. By paying due respect to your ancestors you are honoring your family which leads me to my next point about protecting the family.

Nobody's family is perfect. There'll always be ups and downs but some situations that happen in families are completely uncalled for. That's where conjure work comes in. I'm a big believer in working on the family to make sure everything runs smooth. I will do everything it takes to protect my family because they are an extension of my well-being. I'm sure most of y'all feel the same way.

I used to hesitate a lot when it came to locking down the bs in my family through conjure work. I felt sorry for them because I didn't want to go 'to that level' so to speak. I figured things would work out and I decided to remain in the corner. That's until I had it. Sometimes as a part of protecting your family you have to make a step forward and put your foot down where it won't move.

The most powerful way you can work Conjure to bring peace in the family is by petitioning your ancestors. You don't even have to light a candle or throw together a bunch of roots and herbs. Just a simple call to your Ancestors to get their attention and a strong petition so they can simmer the mess down. I do this when I need an extra hand to manage my kinfolks.

For those of y'all that need something to work with tear out Isaiah 26 V 3 from your bible. Write "PEACE BE STILL" or a similar petition on the Bible verse. Burn the bible verse to ash and load a white vigil candle with the ash. Don't add any names or personal effects to this candle. Light the vigil on your ancestor altar and state the verse out loud with your petition. You'll notice a difference immediately when you petition your ancestors esp in family matters. Here's the verse for your pleasure:

Isaiah 26:3

3 You will keep in perfect peace
those whose minds are steadfast,
because they trust in you.

This is really simple and effective. As a part of protecting the family and keeping peace in the home you can also petition the Holy Family. Jesus, Mary, & Joseph make the Holy Family. They are God's example of how a family should love and treat one another. You can petition them to be a model for your loved ones so your home will always be a happy one. Not only will the Holy Family keep a peaceful home but they will also bring prosperity to the home and help you count your blessings.

To petition the Holy Family find a picture that you can work with. If you have the nativity scene with Jesus, Mary, and Joseph in the manger that's perfect for this work! A lot of folks have this in their home as part of Christmas decorations so check your pantry. Hold the picture to your mouth and say your prayers. Ask the Holy Family to protect your loved ones and bring prosperity in the home.

Write your petition and any special prayers for the family on a picture of you and your loved ones. Burn the photo to ash and load the ash into a blue vigil candle. You don't have to use vigils. I like them for different reasons. Dress your candle with olive oil, a power root, and a peaceful herb. To top of your work sprinkle a little powdered sugar on the vigil candle.

Place the Holy Family picture in the living room or kitchen and burn the blue vigil on top of it. You can also prop the photo on the hearth as a decorative piece and burn the vigil next to it. When you start working with the Holy Family you will feel it immediately.

I wish y'all much prosperity, success, and peace in the Home with conjure work. Protect what is yours and lock it down...Drlovebug

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  1. Thank's for posting this beautiful work . I really needed this my home has turned into a battle ground of war/ bad luck/ terrible sickness my daughter was struck down hard she ended up having surgery we got her home thinking all was well a day later she was struck down again having to have another surgery !