Friday, September 21, 2012

Starr's Saint Martha Dominator Dollie

Do you need a powerhouse by your side? Are you ready to gain the upper hand in your life? Do you need a helping hand in controlling your man and your finances? Starr’s St Martha Dominator dollie could be your solution.
Each doll is handmade with a railroad spike to give you some backbone and prayed over from start to finish helping you conquer all situations like Saint Martha so you are truly the Dominator in your life. Saint Martha is considered a woman’s powerhouse in Conjure. Momma Starr prayed the Spirit of the Dominator into the doll to help you rule with an iron will. Where power and a swift upper hand are needed Saint Martha the Dominator is petitioned to give back your power.
This conjure dollie is dressed with a snake just like St Martha. With faith in God and a simple petition to St Martha she’ll bring you power where it is most needed whether on the job, in your marriage, or in the home. Each dollie comes with a bottle of Starr’s special blessing oil to dress yourself and your work.
Gain the upper hand in your life with Starr’s St Martha Dominator doll and take power back in your hands.


  1. Oh wow, my aunt would love one of those. I know what shes getting for Christmas :)

    Papa Matt

    1. She turned out wonderful!They all take on a life of their own. Momma Starr