Monday, February 4, 2013

Working the Honeycomb to Draw & Sweeten Love or Other Conditions...


Momma Starr wanted me to share this work on the Old Style Conjure radio show but we didn't have enough time so I am posting a few different ways I was taught to do this work here for y'all pleasure. You'll find the original work on page 131 in the "Old Style Conjure: Working with the Bible" book in the Songs of Soloman section. The Songs of Soloman are very powerful prayers for sweetening work.

During the last radio show we talked about syrup, honey, and the different sweeteners you can use to draw love and sweeten yourself in order to meet the person that is right for you.

As y'all know I am a big fan of working with other sweeteners besides honey especially syrups and powdered sugar because that is the way I was taught. Even though I'm not crazy about honey jars I will work the honey in the best way I can to achieve TOTAL SUCCESS.  I was always taught you should never limit yourself especially when doing conjure work and I'm a big believer in that. Use what you have and make it work for you.  Like all things in old style conjure work there is a time and place for everything. Honeycomb is one of those special items that has its place in Conjure work.

Honeycomb is one of those power items that works like a double edged sword. I love honeycomb because not only does it draw and sweeten but it also locks down your work. Think about it. Honey comb draws what you need because it's sweet but also nails down your work because the comb is made out of wax. Wax will hold any prayers, roots, herbs or petitions you load into it. Beeswax will hold the work together just like it holds the honey which makes it strong.

The same goes for dirt dauber nest. When you find a dirt dauber nest try to collect it without breaking it apart because like honeycomb that little dirt dauber's nest will hold the power in your prayer petitions, conjure roots, special herbs, and ingredients. Each time you pray over the dirt dauber nest that you've loaded with special ingredients, it will make the power in your work grow stronger with a heavy hand. Your domination work will pack a punch. Of course you'll work this packet somewhat different from the honeycomb but you get the idea.

So now let's talk about the actual work. Take the honeycomb out of a honey jar and spread the comb out on a white plate. Place your personal petitions, photo of yourself, or photo of the target in the middle of the plate with your conjure herbs and roots, prayers, and special ingredients. Fold your prayers, bible verses, and ingredients around your work into a packet. Squeeze the honeycomb together around your love packet to lock it down.

Now you got a strong little conjure packet that you can work as is or incorporate as part of other work. You can place your love packet inside a red bowl full of sugar, herbs, and power roots. Another way to work this packet is to place it inside a jar with syrup and other ingredients. Whenever you need to heat up your work burn a tealight, stick candle, or vigil in the work. These are some of the first sweetening works I was taught by Momma Starr. It truly is old style conjure work that you can stick like honey in a photo packet to any sweet drawing work you need done whether for love, money, prosperity, or total success. Good luck in your sweetening work! Let us know how it turns out...Drlovebug

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  1. Hello, I was truly blessed by all the work given on the show last night. I'm looking forward to the next one. I really liked the last work Momma Starr gave about the hanky and throwing it into the house. Reminded me of her work about the knotted panties for kicking a man into your bed. Hope you feel better Momma Starr. Thank you Dr. Lovebug for provided more work, especially the honeycomb. Whenever I see a honeycomb in the store, it makes me think of Song of Solomon 4:11.