Wednesday, February 27, 2013

OSC Radio: Nailing Love Down Pt II & Conjure WorkBook Announcement

Here comes Part II of the Old Style Conjure radio show on drawing love and nailing it down. We covered a lot of information in the last show but were still unable to answer all questions. In the first half of the show Momma Starr and her cohost will continue the topic of love work in traditional conjure and how to draw the power you need to make all your relationships a total success.

In the second half of the show very exciting news will be revealed. Starr's new book "The Conjure Workbook" to be released by Pendraig Publishing will be officially announced. Tune into the show and get the scoop!

Date: Saturday March 09, 2013
Time: 9:00 PM Central Standard Time
Call-In #: (347) 237-4264


  1. Hey Mama Starr, I really enjoy your show.

    What is a good love spell to stay on their mind all the time?

    Also, when you and the other host are giving the work it is hard to get all the exact ingredients, like you say loveage and then they will say something of the woods, it is not totally clear which is apart of it and which is just sugestion. I am new to this, but I come from a family that did it and they are on the otherside, so I really want to learn this work.

    1. We haven't done this show yet. This is for tomorrow nights show. Starr

  2. thank you ...the show was power packed with good info and instructions