Monday, July 7, 2014


It’s funny how folks can see the same thing but from a different point of view. 

True Story
I went to one of the popular game stores to buy my baby boy a game for his birthday. The store was out of the game but the fellow checked their other stores and found one at the Mall across the street. This is what he told me “our other store is right across the street at the Mall, they have plenty of them over there.” So I asked where in the mall? “He said just as soon as you walk in the main entrance doors the store is right there”. I thanked him and went to the mall; of course I had to park in the back 40 because it was packed.

I walk inside the front doors of the mall and I look right then left and all I see is brick walls. I’m thinking WTF! Then I lift my head up and look straight ahead and what do I see but the sign for the store, it’s about a city block from the front doors over to the left. So I walk down and get the game, then head back to the truck; all this time I’m thinking “he saw the store right by the front door” I know for a fact it is almost a block across from the front door. To him he was right and to me I am right. The question is how can two people see the same thing so differently? It gives you something to think about.

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