Monday, July 7, 2014



Someone told me about a write up another blogger did on their blog about this book. I went and read the blog. I was intrigued that this writer talked about crawdad mud. I had never read the book so I wanted to know what he had to say. I ordered the book off of e-bay for $3.00 and I finally got it today. I have to admit I have not read the book nor will I. I don’t read books on work because I don’t ever want anyone to claim I stole their work. I only skimmed through the book to find the points that were made on the blog post. I must say I am a little disappointed, the author of the book uses words like Crayfish and Mud Chimney only folks outside the culture use those names, even though one of my students told me this author is from Houma the same place Mr. Robert was from. They are called crawfish, mudbugs, or crawdads and the dirt is called crawdad dirt, mud or a crawdad hole. I was a little let down you can find this information on page 55 of his book.

The other thing that got me curious was the “Sweet Bottle” using a stick again I was intrigued but not such a letdown this time as the author tells you to “shake” the bottle up a certain amount of times; half a work is better than none! I did kind of wonder at the watering the work down though, it calls for honey, sugar and water on pg 103 of the book. Also there is nothing else added to the jar.

Then we have the “Oil Lamps” on pg 100 something dear to my heart once again I was intrigued and excited. I thought it was wonderful that he talked about working with a magnets.

The coup was on pg 95 when scanning the book the word “Crossbones” caught my eye. I was surprised to see him write about working with 2 bones crossed together for protection. He does give you some chants to say over your work as you are making it. Glancing through the book and reading the information I bought the book to find out about it seems to have altar layouts and such. Like I said I didn’t read it nor will I. I wanted to see what was taught about crawdad’s and found crayfish instead. Starr


  1. Hey Starr,

    We thought you'd be interested in seeing a photo of this Jason Rodney Gammon fellow who has indirectly slandered you on his blog and elsewhere for teaching Pagans.

    Folks have been asking about him on facebook and digging around to uncover the truth about who this Jason Gammon person is who hides behind a computer attacking anybody at will from New Orleans Hoodoo Voodoo to Neo paganism.

    Now you can attribute his name to his real face photo. This was sent to me by a couple of practitioners whose traditions this same Jason Rodney Gammon guy mocked. Enjoy!

    Follow the link. At the bottom right side you'll see your nemesis photo along with the rest of his family.

    P.S. Now that certain truths are being uncovered nefarious individuals acting surreptitiously through their own self-aggrandized facades are unearthed in their true unhidden identities.

  2. I have to say I'm not impressed. Whoever posted this please stop trying to pull me into your drama. I don't want to be drawn into anyones issues. I have enough with my own issues; so please stop dragging me into this kind of stuff. I'm not interested!!!!!!!!!!